Best Wired Headphones Under 2000 in India 2023

Not everyone likes to have wireless or Bluetooth headphones. As we all know, some people may have computers that don’t have Bluetooth drivers or want old wired headphones. There are some key differences between wired and wireless headphones. The first is delay. Which takes a while while watching a movie. When you play a competitive online game where every mile and second counts, this lag becomes critical. Wired headphones don’t work. The latency is what makes them wireless. Which Is Why Here Is Our List Of The Top 5 Wired Headphones Under 2000 Rupees.

1. AKG K52 Wired Headphone

Best Wired Headphones Under 2000 in India 2023
Very Comfortable Ear cupsNo Microphone For Calling
No cost Cutting Evident in Terms of Built
Design is Very Good
Can be Worn For Long Hours
Looks Heavy But it’s The Opposite
Natural Sounding Audio Quality
A Little Bass Centric Headphone
The Vocals are Very Clear
Self Adjusting Headband
Very Good Noise Isolation

This is the first-class professional-grade over-ear headphone in our list of best under 2000 rupees. Why are pro headphones special? All right! Let’s begin with some features and specifications!

AKG K52 Specifications
Audio Drivers 40mm
Designed For Extra Bass Yes
Connection Type Wired
In-built Microphone No
Can Activate Voice Assistant No
Self Adjusting Headband Yes
Best Suited For Desktop & Laptop
Compatible On Laptop, PC, Smartphone, Tablet

Build Quality

AKG K52 Wired Headphone

The AKG K52 designed for long-term use. Depending on their job, it may take five or even ten hours for some. This is why it provides a build that can react to some rough and tough actions, falls, and so on. Because the headband frame is made of metal, it gives the headphone a strong base. You can see a cloth underneath the metal frame that helps the headphones hold well on your head. Although the earcups are made of plastic, they seem to be very durable and can stand up to a little fall without getting damaged. Thus, the overall build quality is excellent, and even with force, no squeaking is heard. This doesn’t apply to any other headphones on the list!


AKG K52 Wired Headphone

The AKG K52’s greatest feature is its ease of use. The earcups are very big, so they can fit on any ear size, big or small, before the circular padding. Thus, even for two-digit hours, you will feel the greatest ease!

You may feel unusual pressure on your ears because some over-ear headphones have smaller earcups. But not under any circumstances on the AKG K52! The ear padding doesn’t look thick, but it does make it comfortable without hurting.

For those who need to wear it for more than 10 hours, we can easily recommend the AKG K52. That’s great!

Audio Quality

When it comes to pro headphones, there are a lot of things to consider. primarily being detailed in all but not overpowering anything Every brand has a distinctive sound signature. Some have heavy bass, others like vocal details, etc. However, AKG handles things in a different way.

40mm audio drivers provide clear and detailed audio output. The sound, instrument and triangle are all flatlines. That is why the original characteristics cannot be destroyed. In other words, you will hear it exactly how it should be. without additional vocals or bass.

You can still enjoy excellent sound quality even if you don’t make music. We thought the bass was a bit heavy, which can be good or bad depending on your requirement.

This is a great option for a casual listing, and you will definitely enjoy it. However, if you are planning to make sound, then Sennheiser HD206 is the best option.

Mic Output

Unfortunately, AKG K52 comes without a microphone। Thus, you cannot make calls through it। You may find this uncomfortable। However, it makes sense since it is meant for audio monitoring and can be used with a laptop, computer, or tablet।

Although it is possible to use it with a smartphone, you will have to deal with the 2.5 meters long cable।

2. Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2 Wired Headphone

 Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2 Wired Headphone
Good Built Quality Only Black Color Option
Padding is Soft & Durable
Good Audio Quality
Bass Centric Headphone
Vocals Are Distortion-Free
Decent Microphone
Cable is Long Enough to be Used Via PC

The Bolt Bassbuds Q2, a high-quality, low-cost wired headphone, is second on our list of best wired headphones under 2000. We were shocked to use it. Its build quality and sound quality are all excellent.

It’s also great because it’s just Rs. 500. Let’s examine its key specifications and features.

Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2 Specifications
Audio drivers 40mm
Designed For Extra Bass Yes
Connection Type Wired
In-Built Microphone Yes
Can Activate Voice Assistant Yes
Compatible With PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.

Built Quality

All of it is plastic, which is quite durable in terms of construction quality. Other companies’ plastic does not use this। Consequently, the squeaking sound is reduced.

This also applies to the headband adjuster. They are quite flexible and can be adjusted to your preference।

In contrast to many rigid headphones that must be put in a bag, this headphone is designed to be foldable. Thanks, Boult, for considering this. While we are working on it, the mechanism is gentle and doesn’t sound like it squeaks.

It is definitely better than double the price of the best headphones in the market, given the price of 500 rupees.


The Boult Audio Bassbuds Q2’s over-ear design is its most notable feature. This makes the headphones at the same price bigger and wider than the ear cups. Additionally, the fabric and thick padding make the ear cups extremely comfortable.

Headband adjustments will also improve comfort. Although it is plastic, it is easy to find a comfortable spot because the adjusters allow for multiple adjustment levels. Below the headband, which has some grip but no soft fabric, is one area where it’s not very comfortable. For better comfort, the bolster might have provided some cushioning. Remember, it seems that there is appetite!

Audio Quality

Around 500 earphones and headphones are generally basic and there is not much to talk about them. Yes, we have also included cool alternatives that are available for your viewing. Surprisingly, Bolt has done a remarkable job.

First and foremost, this headphone is marketed as a heavy bass headphone, and it is. The bass is a tad stronger than the Sony XB series, but it’s certainly good enough. Additionally, the overall sound quality is excellent and offers a significant level of detail, be it with vocals, instruments, or stereo effects.

But three times less. This is true for most bass-focused headphones. Because bass requires separation of either the treble or the vocals,

Mic Test

Same story in this section as well. The quality of around 500 headphones is average, and the end result is a robotic voice. But Bolt did not leave any stone unturned. You can expect acceptable calls. The Boult Audio BassBuds Q2 are a great option if you need a wired headphone that can meet your calling needs.

3. Sennheiser HD206 Wired Headphone

 Sennheiser HD206 Wired Headphone
Built Quality is Good Misses on Microphone
Cable is Long Enough to be Used With a PCmore suitable Suitable laptops and computers
Design is old-school.
The Headphone are Comfortable For Long Hours of Use
Faux Leather on The Earcups
great-sounding headphones
Vocals and Instruments Are the Strong Points

Both pro and non-pro users can make use of the Sennheiser HD206, which is an audio-monitoring wired headphone. Second, there are a lot of people in our office who love these headphones. This is the reason why it ranks among the best wired headphones available under Rs. 2000.

It may or may not work for you. But for the most part, it works great! Let’s look at some of the features and specifications.

Sennheiser HD206 Specifications
Audio Drivers Not Disclosed
designed for natural sound Yes
Audio Monitoring Yes
In-built Microphone No
can activate voice assistance No
best suited for Laptop, Computer and Tablet
Compatible With PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.

Built Quality

 Sennheiser HD206 Wired Headphone

It works well with other headphones in this price range, as it is an entry-level model from a big company. Although it is made entirely of plastic, it is quite durable, and we know people who have been using it for over two years.

Even the headband adjustable clips are made of plastic. Headphones in this price range have metal adjusters, but Sennheiser has used plastic. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It doesn’t feel cheap when adjusted for the right size.


 Sennheiser HD206 Wired Headphone

It offers excellent comfort as a wired headphone. These headphones are great, but no less than the AKG K52. The oval earcups of the Sennheiser HD206 indicate that it may put pressure on your larger ears. Due to this, most people remain uncomfortable. Because it restricts wearing the headphones for long periods, such as eight to ten hours.

I have big ears and I had no problem wearing them for five to six hours. Thus, if you are concerned about comfort, then relax a bit! Second, the headband adjuster allows for a wide range of adjustment, so finding a comfortable spot is fairly easy. Sennheiser, thankfully, didn’t save money by eliminating the padding under the headband.

This greatly improves the general comfort, and you can work for hours without worry.

Audio Quality

This is the best thing about Sennheiser headphones. Although reviews on Flipkart and Amazon indicate the opposite, these reviews are usually from people who regularly listen to music on heavy bass headphones. Although I’m not saying they’re wrong, they expect bass-heavy sound, which this headphone doesn’t deliver.

Maybe the HD206 doesn’t like it. This is a headphone with a more balanced sound that goes beyond bass. This sound signature is not to everyone’s liking. Although I reject it! I love wearing bass-heavy headphones.

However, after giving it some time, there’s a lot more to consider than just bass! Instruments that sound close to you, extreme clarity and detail in vocals, and loudness that you absolutely can’t handle. Overall, good bass.

It produces a similar sound output to the AKG K52, but has less bass. The AKG K52 are the best headphones for monitoring audio if you need heavy bass. Otherwise, try the Sennheiser HD206.


Similar to the AKG K52, the Sennheiser HD206 doesn’t come with a microphone. That’s why you can’t call it. Many readers may find this difficult.

4. Philips Audio Upbeat TAUH201 Wired Headphone

Philips Audio Upbeat TAUH201 Wired Headphone
The Sound Is Crisp Bass And Treble Balanced Wonderfully The Wire Quality Is Terrible
The look is also premiumIt Does Not Have A volume-adjustable Adjustable Switch
 Build Quality Is Good
It Is Value For Money – Sound Quality Is Good And Comfortable To Wear
Headphones Are Foldable To Carry To Office In Office Bag
Mic Also Works Smoothly
Noise Cancellation Also Good

This product is excellent. The sound reception is completely intelligible. It helps me to use it regularly for four to five hours. According to others who listened to it, the speaker has good sound quality. The product can be adjusted to larger head sizes due to its strong tensile strength. The wire’s strength is the only drawback. It is breakable, so use with care. Lastly, the noise cancellation is almost ideal. This will help you stop, as you can little by little hear what’s going on. You will still be able to focus on the current task. Let’s have a look at some of the features and specifications.

Philips Audio Upbeat TAUH201 Specifications
BrandPhilips Audio
Model NameUp Beat
Form FactorOn Ear
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Drivers32mm Neodymium Acoustic Drivers
Cable Lenth1.2 Meter
Special FeaturesCollapsible
Includes Rechargeable BatteryNo
Compatible With PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.
Best Suited For Laptop, Computer and Tablet

Built Quality

These headphones are easy to carry because of their soft ear cups and compact flat-folding design. You can keep it in your bag, coat pocket or office drawer.


Philips Audio Upbeat TAUH201 Wired Headphone

The ergonomic design of the Philips Audio Upbeat TAUH201 is the first thing that stands out. Engineered to give you the best possible comfort, even when you’re listening for long periods of time, these headphones will keep you comfortable while you listen to your favorite podcast or get lost in your music playlist.

Audio Quality

The excellent sound quality of the Philips Audio Upbeat TAUH201 is one of its most notable features. The headphones feature high-quality drivers that deliver rich, well-balanced sound across all frequencies. You’ll experience your music the way it’s meant to be heard, from deep, resonating bass to clear, articulate highs.

Mic Test

Philips Audio Upbeat TAUH201 This headphone has an in-built mic and as soon as the call is made from the headphone, the audio quality in the calling is crystal and clear and the person in front can also hear very clear sound. Echo cancellation has been given inside, so whether it is in sound quality calling or in music, very good results were seen.

5. HP H200GS Gaming Wired Headphone

HP H200GS Gaming Wired Headphone
The Build Quality Is Pretty GoodBass Output Is A Bit Low
7.1 Surround Functionality
It’s Comfortable Headphones
Excellent Headphones For Video Calling And Online Classes
Its Really Good For Gaming
Mic Quality Is Also Good

The HP H200GS Over-Air Wired Gaming Headset packs great features. These headsets are packed with amazing sound technology and are easy to use. The high enrollment in the microphone makes it easy to have clear and concise communication with teammates at any time. It works with PCs, laptops, and other devices with USB 7.1 connectivity. Control games, movies, music, and calls with ease. This is going to be a strong year. It offers solid sound performance. Doc, Perfect Fit Diast with the Perfect Colorado Headband Amazing male ear for the sound quality and comfort it provides your ear perfectly. Let’s have a look at some of the features and specifications.

HP H200GS Gaming Wired HeadphoneSpecifications
Brand HP
Model Name & NumberHP H200GS
Headphone TypeOn The Ear
Connector Size3.5 MM
Weight 372gm
Compatible With PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.
Best Suited For Laptop, Computer & Tablet

Build Quality

HP H200GS Gaming Wired Headphone

Talking about the build quality of the HP H200GS Gaming Wired Headphone, plastic and little metal have been used, so the overall build quality cannot be said to be very good and cannot be said to be bad, in a way it is a body of avrage quality, if it is in hand it will break if it falls


Talking about the comfort of the HP H200GS Gaming Wired Headphone, it is great if you are taking a long class by wearing it or playing video games or doing any other work, then you will find it comfortable because its earcups are big and It is soft so even after wearing it for a long time your ears will not hurt.

Audio Quality

I completely used the HP H200GS Gaming Wired Headphone, its sound quality is perfect, I found it very crystal and clear, but inside it I did not find the bass so special, but I used it for gaming too, so I found it right, only it lacked there is bass inside it is a little work

Mic Testing

When I called a friend with HP H200GS Gaming Wired Headphone, I was able to hear the sound correctly in the calling and the person in front was also hearing it properly, so overall its mic was also working properly.

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