Boat Smart Ring Features, Launch Date, Price?

Hello friends, In this blog post, we will talk about boat smart ring features. Now, talking about technology, it has progressed so much that it is less to be praised because, if you go back 4 or 5 years from today, fitness bands came, which people used a lot. Then came the smartwatch with a SIM card, and after that, the smartwatch with Bluetooth, through which you can control your entire phone completely through a smartwatch, which is being used by many people at the present time. This is true, but now that brands are launching smart ring, boat is also going to be behind in that. Boat is also going to launch its smart ring, and we will know in detail about all the features present in it!

Design & Build Quality

boat smart ring build quality

Talking about the Build Quality and Design of Boat Smart Ring, it is of Ceramic and its Build Metal and talking about the quality, it is a very strong Ring and its Shape is the Circle which is similar to that of a Normal Ring!

Boat Smart Ring Features

Activity Tracking

Boat Smart Ring Launch date

Boat Smart Ring is there, whatever work you will do for your whole day, like how much you have walked, what work you have done, how much energy your body has spent, you can know all that very accurately inside it.

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Health Features

Boat Smart Ring Features

Talking about Health Features inside Boat Smart Ring, you can monitor your Heart Rate in it, with that you can do different Sleep Monitoring and not only that, if you want to see the Oxygen Level in your Blood, then that too. You can see that with the same Pedometer is done, Menstrual Cycle Mapping is done, they can also be used inside it and if you want to see what is the temperature of your body, then you can see that too in Boat Smart Ring App!

Touch Gesture Sensors

Boat Smart Ring Smart Touch Control

Boat Smart Ring has Touch Gesture Sensor, so you can control Camera & Music through it, along with that you can slide your phone’s App to Open Page, you can do that too and Video Record Control can also be done by Touch Gesture. With the help and if you wear this Smart Ring in the Fitst Finger of your hand, then whatever Sensor it has will work properly, so keep this in mind!


Boat Smart Ring Review

There is no SOS Support in this Smart Ring, so if you get stuck somewhere, if you have an emergency, you can also make an emergency call with the help of SOS!


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Work Out Modes

Boat Smart Ring Features, Launch Date, Price?

In this Smart Ring, you have also been given 3 different Work Out Modes, in which Walking, Running, and Riding, you can use them too!


Now talk about the support of this Smart Ring, so you can easily connect it to Android and IOS and use it!


Friends, to connect this Smart Ring to the phone, Boat Smart Ring App comes that you will easily find it in Apple’s App Store and Android’s Play Store, then you can download and connect Smart Ring to the phone and use all its features. Can!

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Talking about Battery Backup of Boat Smart Ring, 5 Days Battery Backup has been given in it and this Smart Ring has Wireless Charge Support, so you can charge it Wirelessly!

boat smart watch specifications

Boat Smart Ring Specifications

ProductSmart Ring
Design & Build QualityPremium Ceramic & Metal Build Quality
(Tough Build – Magnificent Looks)
Water Resistance5ATM Rating Water & Sweat Resistant
AppBoat Smart Ring
Health FeaturesSleep Monitor, Spo2 Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Menstrual Female Cycle Monitor, Body Temperature Monitor.
Activity TrackingStep Count, Calories Burned, Pedometer & Others
Touch Gesture SensorsCamera & Music Control, Video Record Control, Page Slide Control & Others
Work Out ModesRunning, Walking, Riding
Ring SizeSize – (7, 8, 9)
Diameter (mm) – (17.40, 19.15, 20.85)
Finger Circumference Range (mm) – (54.50-55.00, 59.90-60.40, 65.30-65.80)
SupportAndroid & IOS
Battery BackupUp To 5 Days

Price & Launch Date

Friends, the price of Boat Smart Ring has not yet been confirmed by the company and the launch date is also not fixed, so as soon as I get any updates, I will give it to you. Thank you!

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