Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch Specifications And Detail Review

Hello friends, Fire Boltt people have launched an amazing rugged smartwatch called Fire Bolt Marshall Smartwatch. In this blog post we will talk about what the features are and how is its design and build quality and I will let you know. Its craze was seen a lot among college students, all the students waiting for Marshall Rugged Smartwatch, their wait is over and Fire Bolt Marshall Smartwatch has arrived, so let’s see the features of this smartwatch and what is special about it!

Fire Boltt Marshal Smart Watch Full Specifications

Ergonomic and Stylish Design

The ergonomic design will give you a comfortable fit all day long. In the Physical Overview of Smartwatch, 2 Push Buttons have been given on the Right Side which work and its entire Body is made of Stainless Steel, Even its Dial and Strap are also made of Stainless Steel!

Fire Boltt Marshal Smart Watch price

Impresive HD Display

Talking about the display of Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch, HD Display has been given in 1.43 Inches Round Dial!

Fire Boltt Marshal Smart Watch


It has Micro Phone and Speaker so you can also do Bluetooth Calling in the range of 10m and if we talk about its Bluetooth Version then 5.0 has been given so inside it you will not have any problem in calling!

Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch Specifications And Detail Review

Smart Notifications

Features with Smart Notifications have also been given in it, so if any Social Media Notifications will come in your phone, then it will directly appear in the display of Smartwatch, which you can turn on or off from the application of this Smartwatch.

Sports Modes

Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch has 123 Outdoor and Indoor Sports Modes, so if you want to use them too, you can.

Inbuilt Games & Voice Assistant

Friends, if you want to give any command in Smartwatch, Ok Google is done or Hi Siri is done, then you can control them also by giving commands and if seen, Games are also given inside it to make your boring life happy. have gone, so if you want to play then they can also play inside it

Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch Specifications And Detail Review

Health Suite

Your health has also been taken care of in Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch, in which you can do Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, if you want to see Blood Oxygen Level, you can see that too and Menstrual Cycle is also given for women, so Women can also access it. If you are ill, then go to the doctor and get the checkup done!

Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch Specifications And Detail Review

Smart Features

In Fire Boltt Marshal Smart, useful things have also been given to be used in our daily life, in which Calculator has become Drink Water Reminder which has become Find Phone, weather information has become Camera and Music Control has become Stop Watch. All these features are also in it, which are used more in our daily life!

Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch Specifications And Detail Review


Talking about the battery of Marshal Smartwatch, a big battery has been given inside it, which is 400 mAh. If you talk about Battery Backup, then according to the battery in it, if you use it by connecting to calling, then Battery Backup Yes, it will be available for 3 to 4 days and if you use Smartwatch without calling, then you will get Battery Backup for about 5 to 6 days, then its Battery Backup is also given well in it!

Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch Specifications And Detail Review

Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch Full Specifications

1Model Name Fire Boltt Marshal Smartwatch
2Build & DesignErgonomic Design, Two Pusher Button
Stainless Steel Metal Dial, Stainless Steel Metal Straps,
3Display Type & Size1.43 inches (36.3mm) Round HD Display
5Bluetooth CallingYes
6Smart NotificationsYes ( WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram)
7Sports Modes123 Outdoor & Indoor Sports Modes
8Inbuild GamesYes
9Voice AssistantYes
10Health SuiteHeart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Spo2 Monitor,
Menstrual reminders, calories count, and steps count.
11Additional Smart
Calculator, Drink Water Reminder, Find Phone, Weather Updates,
Camera and Music Control, Stopwatch
12Battery400 mAh


Now coming to the final decision of Fire Bolt Marshall Smartwatch, so as you must have read its features which are great and all the useful features are given inside it, if you want to take it then you can take it as it is. Smartwatch launched, many people liked it and especially collage students because its design is so good and great and the features inside it are less to be praised because according to this price, you have given a lot inside it. Hey friends, how did you like the features of the smartwatch and how did you like its design. Thank you!

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