How to Create Google Web Stories and Find Keywords in 2023

Google Web Stories are a kind of short stories that you can create in multimedia, such as using photos, videos, and text. These are short, engaging stories that can be shared on Google’s platform. These contain high-quality images and creative videos that engage viewers. These stories are a new way to make your content visually interesting, and you can share them directly on Google.

How to Create Google Web Stories and Find Keywords in 2023

What is required to create a Google Web Stories?

  • Website: To create web stories, you must have a website, without that you cannot create Google web stories.
  • Web Stories Creator Tool: Google should have a Web Stories Creator Tool or Make Story Tool, also called a plugin, which you get for free. Using these tools, you can design and customize your story.
  • High-quality visual content: You’ll need high-quality photos and videos to make your story visually appealing. You can upload these from your device.
  • Text content: You can also add text to your story. For this, you will need to write short and effective captions and text for your content.
  • Creativity: Web stories are fun only when you are creative. Use something unique and different ideas to make your content interesting.
  • Internet connection: You will also need an Internet connection to create and share web stories.

By keeping these things in mind, you can create Google Web Stories and provide engaging and engaging content to your audience. And you can also earn money from this.

How to earn money from Google Web Stories?

  • Increase website traffic: If you are promoting your website through Web Stories, ad impressions and engagement on your website can increase. Advertisers pay for ad placement on your site, which can increase your earnings.
  • Affiliate Marketing: You can earn commission by using affiliate links in your web stories. When people buy a product from your link, you earn a commission.
  • Sponsored Content: If your web stories are popular, companies may want to collaborate with each other to promote their products and services. You can get sponsorship from this.
  • Google AdSense: If you have Google AdSense ads on your website, you can generate ad revenue from traffic coming through Web Stories. AdSense pays you for every ad click or ad impression.
  • By selling products or services: If you are promoting a product or service in your Web Stories, you can monetize it directly.

Remember that making money directly can be a bit challenging, but once you build a strong online presence, you may find opportunities. It is very important to maintain engagement with your audience and provide valuable content.

How to find topics to create Google web stories?

  • Trending Topics: Using Google Trends, you can see what topics are currently trending. By writing web stories on these topics, you can attract the current audience.
  • Specific research: Target a specific topic based on your interest or expertise. Pick a few topics that you have knowledge of and that are valuable to your audience.
  • Competitor Analysis: You can see what type of web stories your competitors are creating. This will let you know what topic and approach the audience likes.
  • Seasonal Ingredients: Seasonal ingredients made according to the season are always popular. You can engage your audience by creating content around festivals, seasons, or events.
  • Audience Feedback: Get feedback from your existing audience. Their comments and suggestions will let you know what they are interested in. By incorporating these tips, you can make your web stories even more attractive.
  • Search Engine Keywords: Using Google Keyword Planner, ahrefs, and samrush, you can see what types of queries people are searching. By including these keywords in the title and description of your web stories, you can make your content search engine-friendly.

Remember that your content must be informative, entertaining, and engaging to engage your audience. You can use these tips to choose attractive topics for Web Stories by considering your audience’s interests and preferences.

Best Niches for creating Google Web Stories in 2023?

You can focus on different topics when creating Google Web Stories, but it depends on what your audience and your interests are. Here are some popular topics on which you can create web stories:

  • Travel: Creating web stories in the travel niche allows you to give your viewers a virtual tour of different places. You can engage the audience through your travels, experiences and travel tips.
  • Lifestyle: In the Lifestyle niche, you can share aspects of your daily life, fashion, beauty tips, and stories related to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Cooking: You can inspire your audience through cooking ideas, recipes, and cooking tips. You can create visually appealing web stories in the cooking niche.
  • Technology: In the technology niche, you can share stories related to the latest gadgets, apps and technology. You can create web stories focused on any specific technical topic.
  • Health and Fitness: You can inspire people by creating web stories on health and fitness. You can share workout routines, healthy recipes, and wellness tips.
  • Make it yourself: In the DIY niche, you can inspire audiences through creative and artistic ideas, home decor tips, and DIY projects.
  • Entertainment: In the entertainment niche, you can share movie reviews, celebrity gossip, and stories related to the entertainment industry.
  • Finance: In the finance niche, you can create web stories related to investment tips, savings strategies, and financial planning.
  • Education: In the education niche, you can educate your audience by sharing informative and educational content.
  • Motivation: You can engage your audience through inspirational stories, motivational quotes, and success stories.

You must ensure that your content is valuable and interesting to your audience. Whatever area you focus on, should be related to your passion and expertise.

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