How To Earn Money From Pinterest App In 2023

How To Earn Money From Pinterest App In 2023 :- Hello Friends! A new era of social media has arrived, and Pinterest is a place where enthusiasts come not only to look, but also to discover and buy new styles, ideas, and products. But have you ever wondered how you too can make money using Pinterest?

Pinterest is made up of two things: Pin+Interest, which means pin means to share or show, and Interest means interest or desire. You can also understand it in this way that Pin Your Interest means sharing pictures as per your interest.

In this blog, we will tell you how you can turn Pinterest into a financial journey. We’ll discuss how beginners can get ahead, what strategies work well, and how you can build a successful Pinterest business.

How To Earn Money From Pinterest App In 2023

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online social media platform that can be used to save and search for images and ideas. This allows you to “pin” images on different topics, allowing your specified content to be stored in one place.

You can view other people’s Pins and add them to your boards, so you can view them later. Additionally, you can create boards on different topics that follow your interests.

Pinterest is a great place where people come to share on a variety of topics, whether it’s kitchen recipes, fashion trends, or anything in between.

How to Use Pinterest and Create an Account?

Creating and using an account on Pinterest is very easy.

Create a Pinterest account:

  • First go to the Pinterest website.
  • Click on the “Sign Up” or “Join” button.
  • Sign up with your email ID or Google/Facebook.
  • Enter the required information such as name, username, and password.
  • Click “Create Account”.

Create a board:

  • Log in to your profile.
  • Click on the “Board” option.
  • Click “Create Board” and give a name.

Add PIN:

  • Now go to your board.
  • Browse from any website to “pin” a picture or idea you like.
  • Click on the “Add PIN” button and provide the required information.

Follow and get followers:

  • Check out other people’s boards and “follow” them.
  • Share your boards, so people can “follow” you, too.

Search and Save:

  • Enter topics in the search bar and find pins according to your interests.
  • Save Pins you like to your boards.

How To Make Money From Pinterest In 2023

First, let’s understand Pinterest, how it works and what features it has. It is a platform for sharing ideas and images in a particular way, so you have to understand how people use it and how to maintain thoughtfulness in it.

The easiest way to make money is to create attractive Pins that attract people. Pins that are different and exciting are more likely to be shared, which can increase your visibility and get people to follow you.

Make Good Pins

How To Earn Money From Pinterest App

The first step to making money is to create engaging and popular Pins. To get people to view your Pins, you have to be thoughtful.

Affiliate Marketing

Pintrest Affiliate marketing

Using Pinterest in your affiliate marketing vertical is a great idea. You can join affiliate programs for various products and when people buy through the links you share, you get a commission.

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Online Business Monitoring

Pintrest Online Business Monitoring

Pinterest can also be used as a promotion medium for your online business. You can create pins for your website, blog, or shop and share them on Pinterest, which will expose your business to more people.

Pintrest Sponsorship

Money can also be earned by using sponsored pins on Pinterest. Companies can make you a sponsor of your Pins to promote their products or services, which can earn you some good money.

Refer And Earn

How To Earn Money From Pinterest App In 2023 Refer And Earn

Refer And Earn also works like affiliate marketing, but in this you do not have to sell any product, rather you have to connect some people with that company.

You must have heard about Phone Pe or Google Pay, which gives Rs 100 to Rs 200 on every referral, for this you have to first create an account on Google Pay.

You then get a referral link with your friends on Pinterest. Now whoever clicks on that link and downloads Google Pay App and creates his account, he will get different payments.

I just represented Google Pay. By doing this you will find thousands of apps and websites on the internet, some of the excellent ones include Groww App, Upstox, Ezoic and

Sending Traffic To The Blog Website

How To Earn Money From Pinterest App In 2023

If you have a good number of followers on your Pinterest account, you can also earn money by driving those followers to your blog website. For this, you just have to share your blog post link on Pinterest. This will bring people to your blog, which will increase your earnings.

If you create and share a Pin on Pinterest on topics like technology, help or poetry, you can share it by writing a blog post on the same topic and add a link to your blog post in the Pin, so that people who view the Pin can visit your blog, which will increase your income.

You can earn well by creating hundreds of pins on Pinterest and placing the link of your blog post in them.

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So friends, these were the simple ways to earn money from Pinterest, with these ways you can earn a lot of money.

What are the Features of Pinterest App?

Pinterest is a popular social media site in almost every country. Pinterest has some features that other websites don’t have.

  • Category—You can also see many categories of pictures on Pinterest. In this, you can choose the categories you like, and then all the pictures you see will be shown in the same categories.
  • Pin—You can pin any photo on Pinterest, which means you can share them on any website.
  • Board – On Pinterest you can create a board by pinning pictures, that is, you can create different groups by pinning pictures.
  • Analytic – Pinterest gives you a feature like Google Analytics, so you can track how many people have viewed your photos in your account.
  • Message — In this too, like all social media, there is a message option, through which you can chat with someone.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Pinterest App?

Nowadays, everyone seems to know how to earn money from Pinterest app. The Pinterest app is not just a means to make money; It also has other benefits:

  1. Pinterest helps you keep track of the events happening around the world and provides all kinds of information.
  2. With this you can connect with many people, make friends and make your mark around the world.
  3. Pinterest is a worldwide medium through which you can help others by spreading a specific topic.
  4. You can create many fans and followers on Pinterest and also earn money through them.
  5. If you are a blogger or YouTuber, then you can develop your blog, website, or YouTube Channel by driving users from here.
  6. Pinterest is a great way to stay entertained in your free time if you can’t do any of these things.

How To Delete Pinterest Account?

First of all, if you really want to delete your Pinterest account, that’s your decision. But I can tell you a simple process:

  • Open Pinterest and log in.
  • Click on your profile in the right corner.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and look for something like “Delete account” or “Delete account.”
  • Click on it and follow whatever instructions are given.

Note that this will delete all your data, and you will not be able to get it back.

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FAQs – About How To Earn Money From Pinterest App In 2023

Q. Can you really make money from Pinterest?
Answer. Yes, you can really earn money from Pinterest app.

Q. By using which methods can you earn money from Pinterest?
Answer. Although there are many ways to earn money from Pinterest, the best ways are affiliate marketing, sponsorship, creating pins, and monitoring online business.


Friends, talking about the conclusion, we learned in this blog “How to earn money from Pinterest in 2023”. All the right ways to earn money from Pinterest were shared with you. If you liked this post, then share it with your friends. Please share with us. Thank you.

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