Noise Luna Ring: Specifications, Price And Launch Date

In this section, we introduce the topic of the article, which is about Noise’s innovative creation, the Luna Ring. We mention that noise is a leader in the smart wearables industry and that we’re going to focus on this new product.

Noise Luna Ring Specifications

Product NameLuna Ring
Design and Build QualityWith its ultra-light weight and 33 mm-thick, sleek design, it has been built using fighter-jet-grade titanium material. The diamond-like coating makes it scratch- and corrosion-resistant.
CompatibleVersions of IOS 14 and Android 6 and Above
BluetoothLow-Energy (BLE 5) Technology
Water-ResistantUp To 50m Or 164ft
Health FeaturesHeart Rate Monitor, Spo2 Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Temperature Monitor, and Female Menstrual Cycle
3 Axis AccelerometerYes
AppThe NoiseFit App
Tracks70 Metrics
Battery BackupUp To 7 Days
Charging Time60 Minutes
Charging PortWireless Charging Support
ColorsSunlight Gold, Rose Gold, Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, and Midnight Black
Noise Luna Ring price and launch date

The Luna Ring’s Commitment to Positive Impact

Here, we talk about how noise has a history of coming up with innovations that make people’s lives better. We’ll also explain that the Luna Ring is designed to improve cognitive functioning and how it reflects Noise’s commitment to making technology useful for the greater good.

The Transformative Power of the Luna Ring

In this part, we discuss how the Luna Ring can bring about positive changes in people’s daily routines and performance. We’ll elaborate on how its cutting-edge features play a role in enhancing lifestyle choices.

The Core Scores: Sleep, Readiness, and Activity

This section dives into the heart of the Luna Ring’s purpose. We explain what the three core scores—sleep, readiness, and activity—mean and how they give users valuable insights into their health and habits.

Personalized Experience with the Noisefit App

Here, we talk about how the Luna Ring works in conjunction with the Noisefit App. The app provides tailored recommendations based on the Luna Ring’s data, making the experience personalized and beneficial.

Comprehensive Tracking Capabilities

This part goes into the technical aspects of the Luna Ring, detailing its ability to track a wide range of health metrics. We also highlight the advanced sensors and strong build quality that contribute to its effectiveness.

Distinguished Design and Build Quality

In this section, we discuss the Luna Ring’s physical design, which is sleek and made of high-quality materials. This design ensures durability and comfort for users.

Skin-Friendly and Guided Wearing Experience

Here, we explain that the Luna Ring is suitable for all skin types due to its hypoallergenic properties. We also talk about a unique design feature that makes wearing the Luna Ring comfortable and intuitive.

Advanced Sensor Technology for Accurate Health Tracking

This section focuses on the Luna Ring’s sensor technology. We explain how its sensors, like the PPG and skin temperature sensors, give more accurate and detailed health data compared to other wearables.

Opto-Mechanical Design for Accurate PPG Sensor

Here, we delve into the design of the Luna Ring’s PPG sensor, explaining how its combination of optical sensors and mechanical components enhances its accuracy.

The Role of Inner-Side Bumps in PPG Accuracy

This part expands on the role of the bumps on the inner side of the Luna Ring. We clarify how they ensure precise alignment with the user’s finger, leading to reliable PPG readings.

Real-Time Body Temperature Insights

Here, we talk about the Luna Ring’s temperature sensor and how it provides real-time insights into the user’s body temperature, which can be indicative of various health factors.

Algorithms for Inclusivity and Effectiveness

This section explains that the Luna Ring’s algorithms are designed to work for people of different skin tones. We also mention how the personalized suggestions from the Luna Ring prompt users to make healthier choices.

Monitoring Core Scores for Enhanced Well-Being

We discuss how the Luna Ring helps users monitor their sleep, readiness, and activity levels. These insights contribute to a better understanding of overall well-being.

NoiseFit App: A Holistic Health Companion

Here, we talk about the Noise Fit App’s role in complementing the Luna Ring. It offers access to insights without subscription fees and connects seamlessly with the Luna Ring.

Collaboration with Philips Biosensing

In this section, we highlight how the Luna Ring’s accuracy and reliability are ensured through a collaboration with Philips Biosensing

Size and Color Options for Personalized Style

We explain that the Luna Ring comes in various sizes and colors, giving users the option to choose one that suits their personal style.

Anticipating the Luna Ring’s Arrival

Here, we mention that the Luna Ring will be available for orders soon and encourage readers to stay connected through noise’s social media channels for updates.


The summary briefly recaps the main points of the article, emphasizing the Luna Ring’s potential to revolutionize the smart wearable market.

Price & Launch Date

The price has not yet been disclosed by the company. However, it claims that the device is powered by Philips Biosensing and is available in five different colors and seven different ring sizes: Sunlit Gold, Rose Gold, Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, and Midnight Black।

Priority Access pass allows users to pre-book the device and unlock benefits like:

• Priority Access pass provides early access for ₹2,000 to customers;

• An additional discount of ₹1,000 on the day of purchase, giving pass holders a direct cash benefit of ₹3,000; Priority Access pass holders can also purchase Noise i1 smart eyewear at 50% off, costing just ₹4,499 Pass holders can also get ₹2,000 in free liquid, damage, or theft insurance. Furthermore, pass holders have access to other enticing brand deals and guaranteed bundled benefits. They can experience and elevate their lifestyle with Noise’s latest wearable, Luna Ring.

Noise’s co-founder, Amit Khatri, said, “We’re proud to introduce Luna Ring, our first smart ring.” It’s a powerful step toward making lifestyles better, allowing users to take full control of their performance and well-being. As the leading brand in India that prioritizes positive lifestyle transformations, we are now working to push the boundaries of the Indian wearable ecosystem by entering the smart ring segment, encouraging users to push for effective health codes.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Q. What is the Luna Ring's primary focus? 
Ans. The Luna Ring is designed to provide insights and recommendations related to sleep, readiness, and activity, helping users make positive lifestyle changes.

2. Q. How does the Luna Ring differ from other wearables? 
Ans. The Luna Ring's advanced opto-mechanical design, inner-side bumps, and innovative sensor technology set it apart by delivering accurate and reliable health data.

3. Q. Is the Luna Ring suitable for everyone? 
Ans. Yes, the Luna Ring is designed for all skin types, featuring a hypoallergenic inner shell and a guided wearing experience.

4. Q. How long does the Luna Ring's battery last?
 Ans. With an impressive battery life of up to 7 days on a single 60-minute charge, the Luna Ring ensures consistent performance.

5. Q. Can users personalize the Luna Ring's appearance? 
Ans. Yes, the Luna Ring is available in seven ring sizes and an array of attractive colors, allowing users to choose a style that suits them.

6. Q. When will the Luna Ring be available for purchase? 
Ans. Orders for the Luna Ring will soon be available. Stay connected through noise's social media channels for updates on its launch.

7. Q. What is the collaboration with Philips Biosensing about?
 Ans. The collaboration with Philips Biosensing ensures accuracy and reliability in the Luna Ring's health tracking capabilities, further enhancing its transformative potential.

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