Noise Luna Ring vs Boat Smart Ring Comparisons

The two federal agencies are at odds with one another over smart wearables. Ann Declaration released its smart ring, the Noise Luna Ring, a few days ago. As a response, Bot has just announced the BoAt Smart Ring. The company’s website features a listing for the BoAt Smart Ring. The two rings seem quite similar to one another. Let’s try to gain an overview of the differences between the two to figure out which is better.

Noise Luna Ring vs BoAt Smart Ring: Features

Boat’s Smart Ring is now available in three sizes, measuring 17.40 mm, 19.15 mm, and 20.85 mm each. It offers features like a step counter, calorie counter, distance tracker, heart rate monitor, and workout monitoring. There is a body temperature sensor included. Also, this ring uses a SpO2 monitor. In addition, the smart ring of the boat has alerts, tracking of cycles, and sleep monitoring. I received a 5ATM rating for water resistance.

Luna is 3 mm thin and incredibly light. This has been done with fighter jet-grate titanium. Also, it offers diamond-like wrapping that protects against scratches and repels water. Inside Noise Luna are infrared sensors such as a PPG sensor, temperature sensor, three-axis accelerometer, charging pin, and more.

The Noise Luna Ring will monitor your heart rate. It also features a SPO2 blood oxygen sensor. Additionally, supported is the NoiseFit app. Also supported is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5). Regarding its battery, there is a promise of a 7-day backup. For Noise Luna, its company has worked with Philips. It comes in five different colors and seven different ring sizes.

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Noise Luna Ring vs Boat Smart Ring Comparisons

SpecificationsNoise Luna RingBoat Smart Ring
Design & Build QualityUltra-Light Weight & 33 mm Thick Sleek Design,
It has been built using fighter-jet-grade titanium material. The diamond – like coating makes it scratch and corrosion resistant.
Ceramic & metal Build Quality
CompatibleVersions of IOS 14 and Android 6 and Above Versions of IOS 14 and Android 6 and Above
BluetoothLow-Energy (BLE 5) TechnologyLow-Energy (BLE 5) Technology
Water-ResistantUp To 50m Or 164ft (ca. 50 m)5ATM Rating Water and Sweat Resistant
Health FeaturesHeart Rate Monitor, Spo2 Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Temperature Monitor, and Female Menstrual CycleSleep Monitor, Spo2 Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, Menstrual Female Cycle Monitor, and Body Temperature Monitor
App NameThe Noise Fit AppBoat Smart Ring
Activity Tracking70 MetricsStep Count, Calories Burned, Pedometer and Others
Workout ModesRunning, walking.Running, Walking, and riding
Touch Gesture SensorsNo MentionCamera and Music Control, Video Record Control, Page Slide Control and Others
SOSNo MentionYes
3 Axis AccelerometerYesNo Mention
Battery BackupUp To 7 DaysUp To 5 Days
Charging TimeUp To 60 MinutesUp To 60 Minutes
Charging TypeWirelessWireless
ColorsSunlight Gold, Rose Gold, Stardust Silver, Lunar Black, and Midnight BlackBlack

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