NoiseFit Mettle Smartwatch with Big Battery Life.

Hello friends, Although every day some or another smartwatch is launched in the market, at present the craze for smartwatches is high among people. In this blog, we will talk about the features and build of the Noisefit Metal Smartwatch. Quality and design. We are going to give you all the information you need about this smartwatch. Let’s see its features and specifications.

Perfect Classy Professional Look WatchI didn’t like the sound of the speaker.
A long battery life of up to 10 days on a Single charge
Good Build Quality
Good Strap Quality
UI Interface Is Correct

Compatibility and Design

NoiseFit Mettle Smart Watch Specifications & Review

NoiseFit Mettle Watch Device, iOS 11.0+, Android 9.0+, v5.3 The Metal Watch Case sports a premium look that ensures you make a style statement by embracing the latest in wearable technology. The 22-mm metal strap not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the watch but also ensures a comfortable fit on your wrist.

HD Display And Cloud-Based Watch Face

Noise Smart Watch

Noise Fit Upcoming Smart Watch

The Watch sports a 1.4” HD display with a resolution of 240×240, providing a Crystal Crier visual experience right at your fingertips. With Cloud Base Watch Faces, you can personalize your watch by choosing from a variety of stylish designs to suit your personality and mood. Can easily customize the appearance.

Health and Fitness Tracking Sensors

Talking about health and fitness sensors in this, a heart rate sensor, an accelerometer, and a SpO2 sensor have also been included in it, so it has been provided with sensors inside it.

Health Features

noise fit smart watch health features

Apart from heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking, the NoiseFit Metal Smartwatch also includes breath training and a sleep monitor. And [Stress Monitor] will guide you in reducing your stress levels. For female users, there is Menstrual Cycle, which helps track menstrual cycles. And in this, you have also been given sports modes so that you can use them easily.

Game Modes and Additional Features

Dedicated sport modes let you choose from a variety of activities, providing optimized metrics to help you perform at your best. Running, cycling, yoga, or much more—the Noisefit Metal Smartwatch has got you covered.
Apart from the health and fitness features, the watch offers several additional functionalities to enhance your daily routine. Caller name information and rejected calls keep you connected without the need to reach for the phone. The Find My Phone feature becomes a lifesaver when you lose your device. Camera and music controls, a stopwatch, a timer, an alarm, a reminder, a weather update, and a world clock make your everyday routine more efficient. The calculator and wake-up wrist bring more convenience to your experience.

Long-Lasting Battery and Water Resistance

noise fit luxe smart watch

NoiseFit Smartwatch comes with a powerful 300mAh battery, which provides up to 7 days of normal usage and up to 25 days of impressive standby time on a single charge. When it comes time to recharge, the process is quick and easy, taking only 2 hours to reach full capacity. IP68 water resistance ensures that your smartwatch is protected against water and dust, making it suitable for a variety of weather conditions and activities.


In conclusion, the Noisefit Smartwatch is a feature-rich and stylish wearable that seamlessly blends fashion with functionality. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just want to live a healthy lifestyle, this smartwatch offers everything you need to stay on track. Its compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, along with its plethora of health and lifestyle features, makes it a must-have companion for anyone looking to improve their daily routine and overall wellness. Embrace the future of smartwatches with the Noise Fit Metal and take control of your fitness journey today.


Q. Is NoiseFit Mettle endowed with a complete touchscreen display?

Ans. Affirmative, NoiseFit Mettle boasts a comprehensive 1.4” high-definition touch screen.

Q. Is NoiseFit Mettle impervious to shock?

Ans. Negative, NoiseFit Mettle is devoid of shockproof attributes. It is advisable to abstain from subjecting it to precipitous descents, as such actions may incur damage upon the timepiece.

Q. Does NoiseFit Mettle possess waterproof capabilities?

Ans. Certainly, NoiseFit Mettle bears an IP68 rating, conferring the capacity to withstand immersion up to a depth of 1.0 meter for a duration extending to 30 minutes. However, it is prudent to circumvent exposure to saunas, elevated water temperatures, and oceanic environs.

Q. Is it feasible to employ NoiseFit Mettle whilst engaged in aquatic activities such as swimming?

Ans. Regrettably, it is not recommended for usage during aquatic endeavors, including swimming.

Q. Does NoiseFit Mettle facilitate photography?

Ans. No, NoiseFit Mettle does not incorporate a remote camera functionality.

Q. What is the pixel resolution of the NoiseFit Mettle display?

Ans. The display of NoiseFit Mettle boasts a resolution of 240×240 pixels.

Q. What categories of notifications can one anticipate receiving on their NoiseFit Mettle?

Ans. Notifications encompass SMS messages, phone calls, calendar events, emails, WhatsApp messages, LinkedIn interactions, Instagram updates, Facebook Messenger alerts, Skype notifications, Twitter posts, Facebook updates, YouTube alerts, Gmail messages, Outlook notifications, Snapchat updates, and Telegram messages. This holds true contingent upon the activation of the notification feature, with your smartphone and smartwatch maintaining Bluetooth connectivity and synchronization.

Q. Does NoiseFit Mettle feature telephonic communication capabilities?

Ans. Certainly, NoiseFit Mettle is equipped with Bluetooth calling capabilities.

Q. Is NoiseFit Mettle equipped with voice-activated assistance?

Ans. No, NoiseFit Mettle does not incorporate voice-activated assistance functionalities.

Q. Is NoiseFit Mettle furnished with pre-installed gaming applications?

Ans. No, the NoiseFit Mettle does not arrive with pre-installed gaming applications.

Q. Does it offer a phone tracking functionality?

Ans. Indeed, the NoiseFit Mettle is endowed with a phone tracking feature.

Q. Does NoiseFit Mettle offer gesture control?

Ans. Negative, NoiseFit Mettle lacks gesture control attributes.

Q. Can one adjust the intensity of vibrations in NoiseFit Mettle?

Ans. Affirmative, the intensity of vibrations in NoiseFit Mettle is customizable.

Q. Can NoiseFit Mettle store and play music?

Ans. NoiseFit Mettle offers a remote music control feature, enabling the manipulation of music playback on your smartphone, provided that the smartphone and smartwatch are within Bluetooth range. Nevertheless, it does not possess the capacity to store music independently.

Q. Is it possible to concurrently employ earbuds and NoiseFit Mettle with a single smartphone?

Ans. Indeed, both earbuds and NoiseFit Mettle can be simultaneously paired with your smartphone.

Q. What is the Bluetooth range of NoiseFit Mettle?

Ans. NoiseFit Mettle maintains a Bluetooth range spanning 10 meters.

Q. Can it facilitate music playback via a Bluetooth headset?

Ans. NoiseFit Mettle is proficient in controlling music playback through your smartphone as long as it maintains a connection and synchronization with the associated application. Furthermore, NoiseFit Mettle can manage music playback via a Bluetooth headset, contingent upon the pairing of the smartphone with said Bluetooth headset and synchronization with the smartwatch.

Q. How many watch faces are at the disposal of NoiseFit Mettle users?

Ans. NoiseFit Mettle offers an expansive selection of 100+ watch faces, each of which can be accessed and personalized via the NoiseFit application.

Q. Is it plausible to modify the watch face?

Ans. Certainly, you possess the capability to alter the watch face. From the watch interface, simply initiate a long press on the home screen, swipe to peruse and select from the array of watch faces. Alternatively, from the application interface, navigate to the watch face section, select your preferred watch face, and execute a “Save” command to effectuate the change. Furthermore, the application facilitates the customization of your chosen watch face.

Q. How may one augment the luminosity of their NoiseFit Mettle?

Ans. The luminosity of NoiseFit Mettle can be adjusted directly from the watch itself. Activate the watch screen, initiate an upward swipe from the home screen, and opt for the “Brightness” option, whereupon you can fine-tune the luminosity to cater to your personal preference.

Q. What sensors are integrated into the NoiseFit Mettle?

Ans. NoiseFit Mettle incorporates a trifecta of sensors, namely the HR sensor, Accelerometer, and SpO2 sensor.

Q. Is GPS functionality a feature of NoiseFit Mettle?

Ans. No, NoiseFit Mettle does not include GPS capabilities.

Q. What accessories accompany NoiseFit Mettle?

Ans. NoiseFit Mettle is accompanied by a solitary user manual and a magnetic charging cable.

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