According To Vastu, These 10 Plants Should Be Planted In The House, It Brings Progress And Prosperity.

1. Money Plant:- According to Vastu Shastra, it is allowed to keep a money plant in the south-east corner of the front room of the house. It can also be tempting to set up a money plant in your startup.

2. Lavender Plant:- The aroma of lavender is so attractive that it reduces stress. It helps relieve stress and calms the mind.

3. Peace Lily:- Peace Lily plant is a symbol of harmony and love. Keeping it in the bedroom at night drives away nightmares.

4. Snake Plant:- According to Vastu Shastra, Snake Plant provides positive energy. When placed near a window, it draws out oxygen, which cools the room.

5. Tulsi:- Tulsi plant is considered sacred in Hindu culture and is planted in almost every house. Tulsi plant at home can be very beneficial.

6. Ashoka Tree:- Ashoka Tree brings prosperity by removing troubles and sorrows from human life. This is why it should be kept in the verandah.

7. Chrysanthemum:- Yellow chrysanthemum increases happiness, enthusiasm and confidence. It shows convenience in life and is used as a gift.

8. Orchids:- Orchids (Orchidaceae family) are a symbol of prosperity and success. It attracts positivity and symbolizes prosperity for the entire family, hence it is the best Vastu plant to plant in the home!

9. Banana Tree:- It is best to plant banana plant in the house because it is worshiped and sacred. The scriptures say that banana plant is good for Vaastu of the house.

10. Rubber Plant:- It is auspicious to plant rubber plant in the house. Rubber plant is believed to bring wealth, prosperity and success in business. Rubber plant should not be kept in the south-east direction, as doing so can be unfortunate.