Gadar-2's total collection is more than ₹ 465 crores: Now the film is reaching the record of Bahubali-2

By Kumar Jitendra

Gadar-2 collected Rs 5.10 crore on Tuesday. The total earning of the film has gone up to Rs 465.75 crore. Tuesday's collection was even better than Monday's. It has been 19 days since the film was released, but its earnings are not showing any signs of stopping.

Gadar-2 and Dream Girl, both these films will get the benefit of Rakshabandhan holiday. Usually, many films fail within two weeks, but Gadar-2 is earning huge profits even in the third week.

Gadar-2 is earning tremendously  even in the third week

Some trade experts are estimating that Gadar-2 can make an overall collection of up to Rs 510 crore. If this happens then the film will break the record of Bahubali-2 (510.99 crores). To reach Pathan's record, the film will still have to earn Rs 80 crore more.

Significantly, 'Pathan' was running on 5500 screens since the beginning. Whereas, Gadar-2 started with 4000 screens. After the release of new films, its screens have reduced. Despite this, its figures are better than new films.

The two years after the Corona period were disappointing for Bollywood. Films were yearning for good earnings. The crowd in the theaters had reduced. However, in 2023, Bollywood has revived again. Only Pathan and Gadar-2 together have collected around Rs 1000 crore.

The year 2023 has been better for Bollywood so far

Movies like The Kerala Story, Rocky and Rani's love story and now Dream Girl 2 are doing great business. Shah Rukh Khan's film Jawan will also be released in the coming week. If the film gets a good response, then we can get to see another tsunami at the box office.

Gadar-2 is doing good business overseas as well. According to industry tracker Sacanilc, the film has earned more than Rs 611.10 crore worldwide. The film is earning well in countries like Australia, Germany, America and UK.

Worldwide business of more than 611 crores