Sony HT s20r Home Theatre Full Specifications & Features.

Size & Weight: 760 x 52 x 86 mm for the main unit's body only, 2.0 kg for the main unit's body alone, and 192 x 387 x 342 mm for the subwoofer's size and 6.9 kg for the subwoofer's amplifier.

The sound features are available: AUTO SOUND, CINEMA, MUSIC, STANDARD, Night Mode, Voice Mode, Voice Mode (level), SOUND EFFECT

Speaker Layout: 5.1 ch (Wired Subwoofer), 1 SS-S20R for the bar, 1 SA-WS20R for the subwoofer, and 2 SS-SS20Rs for the rear speakers.

HDMI:- INPUT/OUTPUT NUMBER:input/output 0/1 (ARC), yes for BRAVIA SYNC, and yes for HDMI CEC

Interface: TERMINALS FOR INPUT AND OUTPUT, optical audio input, stereo small analog audio input, USB Type A, FAT32/NTFS Bluetooth version 5.0, Bluetooth:RX (receiver).

Audio Input :- Dolby Digital, Dolby Dual mono, LPCM 2ch USB, WAV, MP3, WMA, BLUETOOTH (RECEIVER):SBC Audio formats

Digital Amplifier, S-Master Amplifier Type, 5.1ch Amplifier Channels, 400 W Total Power Output

Subwoofer Type :- Wired

Power Constipation:40 W, Wall Mountable:No

Included in the box are a remote control, batteries for the remote commander, an audio cable (MINI-MINI), an AC cord that is compatible with an Indian plug, a warranty card, a quick setup guide, and an instruction manual.