Home remedies for thick and long hair in 2023

By Kumar Jitendra

coconut oil with lemon juice.


Massage your head after blending two spoonful of olive oil into the egg.


Take two spoonful of the onion juice after grinding it. Use this juice to gently massage the hair.


Consume gooseberry jam. You may also consume everyday raw AMLA if you choose. Rub gooseberry oil through your hair.


Consuming aloe vera also feeds the hair, giving it thickness and softness.


If you massage hair with castor oil, hair fall reduces significantly.


Fenugreek seeds should be soaked over night, then ground into a paste the next morning and applied to hair. Afterward, wash your head.


The coconut milk hydrates the hair. Once a week, give your hair a coconut milk massage.


The vitamin A, B, and C content of potato is abundant. After using its juice on your hair for 30 minutes, wash it off.


Every three days at night, massage olive oil through your hair. The hair receives a variety of nutrients as a result, becoming long and silky.


Apply hibiscus flower paste on your head for fifteen minutes, then wash it off with coconut and rosewood oil.


The hair receives enough nutrients from henna as well. Once every week, henna the head. Additionally, it will give the hair color and soften it.


Apply henna on the head after mixing with egg and tea leaf water, letting it sit in a dark pan all night.


Apply crushed ripe pears on the head together with banana, olive oil, and banana. The the scalp will receive vitamins and minerals from this.