World's Top-10 Greatest Caravans

By Kumar Jitendra

1. Airstream

Although Thompson passed away in 2009, the business is doing well and was set to complete an addition this month that would bring an additional 50% capacity to its Jackson, Ohio, facility, where the travel trailers have been manufactured since 1954. vary from a 5m Sport to a 9.6m Classic, and the company's website demonstrates how to customize the design and pick the décor.

2. TAB Caravan

TAB caravans are unexpected to have a seamless aluminum insulated shell since they are German-made, but they are also stunning, retro-chic, and designed in an aerodynamic teardrop form. These are elegant campers that are worlds apart from the "white box" design you find on every site across the nation. Depending on whether you have a fixed bedroom and bathroom, they range in size from 4.77 meters to 5.71 meters, including the towing hitch, but they feature heavy-duty chassis, high suspension, and wide tires. There is a tire-equipped off-road trim option.

3. New Age Commando Caravans

Thanks to reinforced cabinets, a battery charger, a solar controller, a satellite dish, a sound system, and an iPod dock, it's not just very cozy (it's covered in checkerplate guards).

4. The Pod Caravans

Another very cool, eye-catching, vintage mini-caravan, The Pod is produced in the UK this time. Its fiberglass body on a galvanized steel chassis is tough enough for the open road, and the company can customize the birch interiors with designer fabrics of your choice, making it a pretty cool option for festival-goers young and old. However, at 3.28m long, including the tow hitch, it won't fit a growing family.

5. Trakmaster Platinum

The Trakmaster Platinum is another Australian workhorse that has all the modern conveniences, and it has a height range of 3.8 to 6.7 meters with a pop-top or full height option. It has three solar panels, a Sony sound system, an HDTV antenna, a 140-liter 12V compressor fridge, 12V LED lighting, a microwave, a lot of storage space, and a bed that can accommodate a king-sized mattress in addition to being strong over fairly tough terrains.

6. The Sealander

When you arrive at the caravan site, there are no available spots, with the exception of the one beside the restroom building, which you decide to pass on.This is not an issue at all if you're a Sealander because you can just reverse your caravan into the lake or the ocean. This bizarre-looking amphibious caravan is another German creation that is 4.06 meters long and made of a monocoque shell of reinforced fiberglass laminate. It does sit rather weirdly in the water. With an outboard motor, you may drive it while towing it on land like a lightweight caravan. If you want to stand out even more from the throng, the firm would happily customised the inside for you!  

7. Vanmaster V640

According to this UK firm, its V640 is the "epitome of caravanning perfection," and the Caravan Club agreed, honoring it with the title of "Best Caravan Design above £30,000" in their 2014 awards. Along with conventional, hand-made woodwork, programmable heating, a Blaupunkt sound system, crystal monogrammed glassware, and detachable Thomas Witter carpets, you may select from three fixed double bed configurations, twin bed, and side dinette choices. In addition, Vanmaster offers a full bespoke service so you may acquire the precise caravan you desire if that isn't enough for you.

8. Fifth Wheel Company Celtic Rambler

Fifth-wheelers aren't for everyone because you require a properly modified ute to be able to pull these behemoths. But last year, the UK's Caravan Club deemed this five-berth, 6.5-meter Celtic Rambler to be the finest of the group. The Celtic Rambler is indeed a comfortable home-away-from-home thanks to the 50m of underfloor heating pipes and the custom furnishings made for each order, but the firm also markets its star model as having all the amenities you'd expect from a five-star apartment. Additionally, going upstairs to sleep in a caravan is uncommon!

9. EleMMent Palazzo

Although it's not precisely a caravan, we should leave this list on a positive note. The EleMMent Palazzo is the pinnacle of RVs, with a rooftop patio, pop-up cocktail bar, fireplace, under-floor heating, and marble lighting. This mobile house, which costs roughly $4 million and comes in white or gold, is only for the really affluent, but at least it cleans itself after a day of driving!

10. Bruder EXP 6 Camper

The Bruder 4X4 Expedition camper trailer was created with getting off the grid in mind. The EXP 6 is a $70,000 monster trailer that weighs about 2,000 kg and is 6.2 meters in length overall.