What Has Changed In Android 14 Update? Let’s Highlight The Features Of Android 14

What Has Changed In Android 14 Update? Let’s Highlight The Features Of Android 14 :- Hello friends, Google has officially introduced its mobile operating system Android 14 in its annual developer conference in California on May 10.

At the event, Google presented the performance of Android 14 along with Android smartphones, tablets and foldable phones. Today we are going to tell you about the special features of Android 14.

On August 18, 2023, Google released its next Android OS version Android 14 Beta 5.1, which became much talked about in the market. What is? The latest Android 14 comes with many interesting features and improvements.

Google has made major changes in its fifth beta release, which improves user experience, performance, and other usability features. If you are also excited to know about the latest version of the world’s most popular mobile operating system, then here we will tell you everything about Android 14.

What is Android 14?

Android 14 Features

The most recent version of the Android smartphone operating system is Android 14. This is an important and next updated Android version with new features and updates for the users. April 2023 saw the introduction of Android OS’s first beta version. The first beta version was released in August. The new Android operating system is called “Upside Down Cake”.

Correction of Language Preference

Android 14 Updates

The language has been improved in Android 14. The Grammatical Inflection API will give users support in native languages like French and German. Plus, Android app developers can get more language control per-app. These controls will enable developers to customize the language according to the field list and conduct A/B experiments.

More Control Over Sharing Photos And Videos

Android 14 More Control Over Sharing Photos And Videos

In Android 14, users will get more control over sharing photos and videos. In the earlier Android 13, customers will get two options to say yes or no on giving access to photos and videos. But users will get more control in this updated OS platform. They can now access certain photos and videos from the “Selected Photos” option of the apps.

New Lock Screen

Android 14 New Lock Screen

Android 14 has plenty of options for an iOS-16 style lock screen with the ability to add watches and widgets. Android 14 also allows creating emoji wallpapers. You can also add cinematic wallpapers with 3D effects, which Apple has introduced on iOS 16. Note that these features are only available on Google Pixel smartphones.

Screenshot Detection

 Android 14 Screenshot Detection

Android 14 includes a screenshot detection feature. It’s a new screenshot detection system with an API that shows users a toast message in the app when they take a screenshot. It will work on payment and banking apps.

Ultra HDR Image

 Android 14 Ultra HDR Image

Android 14 further improves the camera experience, at least on Pixel smartphones, as the Android developer’s blog suggests. The 10-bit compressed stable images the new Android 14 smartphone can capture. With Xtra Ultra HDR support, the phone running Android 14 can interpolate both high and standard dynamic range.

Better Sound Quality

Android 14 Better Sound Quality

Sound lovers will definitely love this new feature of Android 14. Now, with the help of the new feature, you can listen to high-bit-rate audio on wired headphones and earphones. This feature will allow the phone to send an audio signal to wired earphones without any volume changing or processing.

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Strong PIN Privacy

Android 14 Strong PIN Privacy

Android 14 now offers PIN privacy. Users can turn off animations when entering their PIN in Android Settings. This will make it more difficult to remember the PIN when entering it. This change, however, is small. But better PIN privacy features will protect the device.

Excellent Graphics Capability

Android 14 Excellent Graphics Capability

Android 14 lets devices take full advantage of the GPU. It features custom mesh and fragment shaders, hardware buffered rendering, and is said to have enhanced low-latency drawing capabilities. With the help of this new feature, the smartphone will now work better.

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Updates In Data Sharing

Android 14 Updates In Data Sharing

This is an important update that will inform Android users about any latest updates or changes in data policy. Suppose, if an app changes its policy, you will not be notified of this change. But in Android 14, you will be shown a pop-up alert whenever there is a change in app data or privacy policy.

Good Privacy

 Android 14 Good Privacy

Android 14 comes with more privacy features and claims to give users more privacy through data sharing updates and secure full-screen intent notifications. Android 14 also includes a latest and improved Health-related app. The app can currently be downloaded from the Google Play Store, and the health-related app will be pre-installed on every Android 14 operating system.

Large Fonts

Large Fonts

You will see larger font sizes in Android 14. This size will be useful for all age groups and will appear more than adequate on the screen. Google has allowed doubling of the font size in the upcoming operating system version. This is much better than the previous operating system, which was 130% per pixel.

Latest Camera Extension

New camera extension support has been found in Android 14. Produces better images using the phone’s latest low-light features. Similarly, Android 14 also has additional camera features like in-sensor zoom, which helps in capturing error-free images by bringing the phone in contact with the sensor.

Custom Lock Screen

Custom Lock Screen

The new Android 14 allows you to change the home screen to your liking. In previous versions, users could change the home screen, but not much was changed in the lock screen. But Android 14 allows users to change every part of the lock screen.

Updated System UI

Updated System UI

Slightly revamped system UI, Android 14 gets the predictive back system, which includes content animations and custom in-app animations across the UI.

App Installation Experience

App Installation Experience

A latest and improved Google Play Store with upgraded package installation API has also been introduced, further improving the OS app installation experience.

Notification Flash

Notification Flash

This feature notifies people immediately if they have trouble hearing. The new Android 14 will allow users to view information through the camera flash. Or light with a display. Users can choose between camera flash and display flash by toggling the settings in the Accessibility section.

Changes And Battery Life

Changes And Battery Life

Android 14’s battery life has improved significantly. Despite this, these changes are not more significant than their predecessors. But customers will get excellent features for better battery life. Android users can get more life out of their smartphone batteries.

Which Smartphones Will Get Android 14 Initially?

Various Android 14 betas will be made available to smartphones and mobile devices. Especially if you have a previous Google Pixel smartphone, like the Pixel 7 series, you’ll be the first to see Android 14 when it launches. Here is the list of devices and smartphone brands that will get Android 14: Google Pixel Series, iQOO, Lenovo, OnePlus, VIVO, Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia.

FAQs – About Android 14 Update Features

Q. What is Android 14?
Answer. Android 14 is the latest version of the Android smartphone operating system, introduced by Google in April 2023. It brings new features and updates to enhance user experience and performance.

Q. What are the key features of Android 14?
Answer. Android 14 includes several notable features:

  • Improved language preferences with the Grammatical Inflection API.
  • Enhanced control over sharing photos and videos.
  • A new lock screen with iOS-16 style options.
  • Screenshot detection feature for increased security.
  • Ultra HDR image capability for improved camera experience.
  • Better sound quality for wired headphones and earphones.
  • PIN privacy option to turn off animations during PIN entry.
  • Enhanced graphics capabilities for improved device performance.
  • Updates in data sharing with pop-up alerts for policy changes.
  • Improved privacy features, including secure full-screen intent notifications.
  • Larger font sizes for better visibility.
  • Latest camera extension support for better low-light images.
  • Customizable lock screen and updated system UI.
  • Improved Google Play Store and app installation experience.
  • Notification flash feature for alerting users through camera or display flash.

Q. Which smartphones will initially get Android 14?
Answer. Android 14 will be initially available for various smartphones and mobile devices. The first recipients are expected to include Google Pixel Series, iQOO, Lenovo, OnePlus, VIVO, Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, and Noka. Users with previous Google Pixel smartphones, such as the Pixel 7 series, will be among the first to receive the Android 14 update.

Q. What changes are introduced in Android 14’s battery life?
Answer. Android 14 brings significant improvements to battery life, ensuring users can enjoy better longevity on their smartphones. While the changes may not be revolutionary, users can expect excellent features that contribute to enhanced battery performance.

Q. How can developers benefit from Android 14?
Answer. Developers can leverage Android 14’s features, including improved language controls, customizable sharing options, enhanced graphics capabilities, and updated APIs. These features empower developers to create more versatile and user-friendly applications tailored to individual preferences.

Q. Can I customize the lock screen in Android 14?
Answer. Yes, Android 14 allows users to customize every part of the lock screen, providing greater flexibility and personalization options compared to previous versions.

Q. What is the release date of Android 14 Beta 5.1?
Answer. Android 14 Beta 5.1 was released on August 18, 2023, introducing significant changes and improvements to the Android 14 operating system.

Q. Where can I download the latest health-related app for Android 14?
Answer. The latest and improved health-related app for Android 14 can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Additionally, it will come pre-installed on every Android 14 operating system.

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