What Is Khata Book App: How To Use In 2023

Because of the reality that Khata Book App gives a number of features which can be useful in your daily life, it is very popular today to create a digital account for your business. If you own a store or run a business, you must be aware of Khata Book App.
No matter the type of business, transactions are required for it to be successful, thus we must keep track of them. To achieve this, the Khata Book App was created, which is an online way to manage our business. To borrow yours also.

Because of this, the app has grown in popular. Millions of people use it, and you can see its advertisements all over social media. As a result, you may have many questions about the app.

Such as what the Khata Book App is, how to download it, what features it has, how to sign up for an account there, how to use it, and what Khata Book App’s benefits are, etc. So we give you with all the information about this app now. We suggest you to read this article about one thing if you also hope to use the Khata Book App.

What is Khata Book App?

With the help of the mobile app Khata Book, you can smoothly join all of your customers and keep account of their loan transactions, while also turning your shop’s credit account into digital form.

The unique feature of the Khata Book App is it can remind customers to pay by SMS and WhatsApp, as well as give them a PDF version of the whole transaction.

By using the Khata Book app, you may remove the need for paper work because anything works digitally and online on your phone, removing any concern about losing the Khata Book and allows you to keep an online backup of each customer account. Accept as well By using this app, you may send notifications to all borrowers through SMS that contain all the information they need to know about their loans, removing the need to contact or again request money for your loan.

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How To Download Khata Book App On A Mobile

Khata Book Mobile App
Khata Book App
Khata Book  Mobile App View

It is very easy to download the Khata Book app, and just like other apps, you may do so through the Play Store by following these steps.

Step-1 Start by open the Google Play Store and searching for Khata Book App there, or just click the icon below.

Step-2 Your Khata Book App will now appear; click on it, and then select Install.

Step-3 This makes it simple for you to download the app to your phone, register an account there, and use it.

How To Download Khata Book For Computer

Because a result of how useful Android applications are now, many people use them on their PCs and laptops. Given that this software is designed for businessmen, many people prefer to use these devices in their stores and offices. If so, let’s go on to the process of downloading the Khata Book App to a PC or laptop.

Step 1: First, download BlueStack, a program which allows you to use any Android app on a computer, to your computer.

Step-2 Download it, then install and set up it.

Step-3 Now look for and download the Khata Book app from a store like Google Play.

Step-4 After download the program, you may use it on a PC or laptop after registering an account.

What Are The Features Of Khata Book App

You have got access to lots of features in the Khata Book App that make it unique for you and that you may use fast at no cost anywhere.

  1. You may update your customer on each transaction and send a free SMS to them.
  2. You can set a time in advance and remind your customers to make a payment, which keeps reminding them about the loan.
  3. You can use WhatsApp and SMS to remind your customers to make payments.
  4. The Khata Book App offers the option of automatic backup and makes it simple to take an online backup of each customer account.
  5. You may also email all of your customers a PDF file including the money transaction.
  6. The Khata Book app allows you to add a limitless amount of users for free!
  7. The Khata Book App also comes with App Lock, which you may use to boost the security of your Khata Book App.
  8. For keeping an accurate record of credit transactions, you may add or remove credit from your customer’s account at any moment.
  9. You can trust that it is 100% secure.
  10. You may use the Khata Book App with many accounts on the same phone, like multiple accounts for one business and another.

How To Create Khata Book App Account

It is very simple to set up your own account to access the Khata Book App; just follow the steps given below to do so.

Step-1 Select your language after opening the Khata Book app.

Step-2 Next, select “Start Using Khata Book” from the menu.

Step-3 After input your mobile phone number, click the “Get PIN” button.

Step-4 After the verification of your mobile device number, put the name of your store here before selecting “Next.”

Step-5 Now that your Khata Book App account is complete, you can use all the app’s skills.

How To Use Khata Book App

Everyone may use the Khata Book software, which has multiple buttons at the bottom, making it highly accessible. This software is similar to this in that it is very easy to use.

Home:- When you click the home button, the account book app’s home page opens with a list of all your clients. You can also see how much money you owe each customer and how much money they owe you. Needs to take on, You can see all of your money and borrowed cash at the top of the page.

More Button: The More Button opens your account book account. You may edit any shop-related details here, as well as remind customers to deposit loans through mailing them reminders. You can build a free visiting card for your store by clicking the icon here titled “Visiting Card.”

Add Customer: You may add a new customer to your account book app by getting the “Add Customer” button. To add a new customer, first click the “add new customer” button. Next, input the customer’s name and mobile number. Finally, clicked the “Save” button.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Khata Book App

  • In this, you may add as many customers as you like, so long as the transaction is still active.
  • There is no issue about losing the loan account because you may do everything you need to do from your mobile device.
  • You may remind your customer to deposit the loan money entirely free of cost through providing them reminders via SMS and WhatsApp.
  • Also, you may back up all of your account books online.
  • You may create a free visiting card for your store.
  • Because this program is completely free, anyone may use it with easy.

We hope you know now what the Khata Book App is, how to download it, its features, how to sign up for an account there, how to use it, and its benefits.

We will do our best to respond to your query as quickly as we can if you have any questions about the Account Book App.

As such, if you find the information in our post on the Khata Book App helpful, please share it with your friends and on social media so that others can find out about and use the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Khata Book App

Q. What is the Khata Book App?

Ans. The Khata Book App is a mobile application that enables businesses to manage their customer transactions digitally. It helps users keep track of credit transactions, send payment reminders via SMS and WhatsApp, and maintain an online backup of customer accounts.

Q. How can I download the Khata Book App on my mobile?

Ans. To download the Khata Book App on your mobile:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Select on “Khata Book App” after finding it.
  • Select “Install” to download and set up the app on your device.

Q. Is there a way to use the Khata Book App on a computer?

Ans. Yes, you can use the Khata Book App on your computer by following these steps:

  • Download and install BlueStacks, a program that lets you run Android apps on a computer.
  • Launch BlueStacks and search for the Khata Book App in its interface.
  • Download and install the app within BlueStacks to use it on your computer.

Q. What features does the Khata Book App offer?

Ans. The Khata Book App provides several features, including:

  • Transaction updates and free SMS alerts to customers.
  • Scheduled payment reminders.
  • Reminders via WhatsApp and SMS.
  • Automatic online backup of customer accounts.
  • Sending PDF transaction records to customers.
  • Unlimited user accounts for free.
  • App Lock feature for added security.
  • Flexibility to add or deduct credit from customer accounts.

Q. How can I create an account on the Khata Book App?

Ans. Creating an account on the Khata Book App is easy:

  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Select “Start Using Khata Book.”
  • Enter your mobile number and verify it.
  • Provide your store’s name.
  • Once verified, your Khata Book App account is ready to use.

Q. How do I navigate and use the Khata Book App?

Ans. The Khata Book App is user-friendly:

  • The “Home” section displays a list of customers and their owed amounts.
  • The “More” button lets you edit details and send reminders.
  • “Add Customer” allows you to add new customers by entering their details.

Q. What are the benefits of using the Khata Book App?

Ans. The benefits of using the Khata Book App include:

  • Efficient management of customer transactions.
  • Elimination of paperwork and physical records.
  • Free reminders to customers through SMS and WhatsApp.
  • Online backup of accounts.
  • Creation of a free visiting card for your store.
  • Accessibility and use for free.


In conclusion, the Khata Book App is a valuable tool for businesses seeking to manage their customer transactions digitally. With features such as automated payment reminders, online backups, and easy accessibility, this app offers convenience and efficiency. By following the provided guidelines, you can download, set up, and make the most of the Khata Book App on both mobile devices and computers. Its numerous benefits, including a paperless approach, free reminders, and a user-friendly interface, make it an essential asset for business owners. If you have further queries about the Khata Book App, we are here to assist you promptly. Feel free to share this information with others to help them harness the advantages of this innovative application.

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